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     Dale's Bearded Dragons does NOT sell in bread dragons.

                        note: no dragons were harmed in the making of this pic.

Dale's Beare Dragons is expanding to include all pet supplies and we are now a proud retailer of thundershirt.

We now offer the full line of thunderworks products.  Call or text  Mario at (973)255-7572 for more information. If your dog or cat suffers from any type of anxiety, why not give thundershirt a try, it just may surprise you.  It worked for my dog with severe thunder anxiety.

             We now accept Mastercard and Visa and as always, paypal.  Please call me at (973)713-9070 for all credit card sales.  Why not preorder your crickets at least 4 days before one of our shows and pick them up there at huge discounts to you.  Hit the contact us button and request a price for the next show.

      All Items are shipped from our Mountainside NJ warehouse.  Large non-shippable items can be picked up at the warehouse location.  Call Mario to set up an appointment (973)255-7572


    Welcome to Dale's Bearded Dragons.

I suggest if you are thinking of buying a bearded dragon that you look at the care sheet section first and do some research on the care of these wonderful pets before you purchase one.  With proper care, beardies can live in excess of 10 years so you should be prepared to have them with you at least that long. 

I have put a lot of time and effort into research on bearded dragons and have put in even more time and effort on my care sheet and the information I list here on my site.  I do this for one reason, I love these dragons.  Every baby I sell is my baby before it is my cutomer's and I try to ensure that they will be cared for properly.   I will not sell a dragon to anyone who I believe will not care for them properly and have turned people away and/or asked them to do more research on the care before purchasing.  I realize that this practice may have cost me potential sales but the well being of the dragons is and always has been my first priority. 

Every dragon sold by Dales Bearded Dragons comes with a 30 day health guarantee, a basic care sheet, and a hatch certificate (has hatch date, sire and dam's name and morph/bloodlines and my PA breeder and dealer license #).   My husband also says I offer lifetime technical support...lol.  I am often on the phone or E-mail for hours answering questions, often it is not even one of my customers that I am talking to.  Many people ask me why I take the time to do this and my answer is simply, "for the dragons".  People are often uneducated or miseducated on the care of beardies, often by pet stores.  I feel that the more people I can educate about the proper care of these dragons, the more dragons will be cared for properly and less will suffer an early death due to improper care.



Call us at (973)713-9070 or E-mail at ninthof9@yahoo.com ....we'd love to hear from you! 


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